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If we talk about our team, then we can imagine open people who are always (well, almost always, if we are not sleeping) are ready to share their world with others and paint everyday affairs with colors of joy and happiness. For this, of course, you can take vitamins ... But we decided to stop at the presents!

So ... It was 1995. The life of a one-story building under the Stockmann store on Liivalaia approached drastic changes. There were sales ... My friend, knowing about my business trip, without spending a lot of money, gave me a jacket and a cap, wrapped in unusual bales tied with ribbons. Looking ahead, this gift “stylishly” improved my wardrobe (for which I am still grateful). So what's the intrigue? Jumping on the train and “saying goodbye,” my colleagues and I decided to look and understand what was hidden inside. The manufacturer at that time was not known to me or to the people around me. But the way everything was open, it seemed, literally from under the layers of wrapping paper, could not but surprise me. We saw a hat, and, continuing to make noise, I went deep into the second knot, from which a soft wool jacket emerged, characterized by the presence of a cage. What happened next? Everyone applauded ...

After a few months, they didn’t stop asking me how I got it and where I bought it. How much water has run down since then. And my outlook broadened, and the attitude towards gifts changed tenfold ... and more and more things happened. But I still remember this gift and my feelings at that moment. Was it not before or after more gifts, beautifully packaged, with more expensive things and all that ?!

I remember a lot ... and I would like to make a similar gift for you every time you want to give something to the priceless people around you!

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