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Terms of use

07/01/2019, was supplemented 01/07/2020.


1.1.The present conditions of sale of the online store And-Express OÜ, Lembitu 8, Tallinn 10114, registration code 14454911, telephone 53364204, e-mail (hereinafter the online store, (hereinafter conditions) are valid when you purchase at the Internet address Conditions apply to all resulting from the purchase of goods through the online store relationship between persons (hereinafter, the client) and the seller.

1.2.The seller has the right to unilaterally change and supplement the conditions by publishing the new conditions on the Internet address If the client has made an order before the entry into force of changes to the conditions, then the conditions valid at the time the order is placed apply to the legal relationship between the client and the seller.

1.3. Before making a purchase, the customer can save, print and, if necessary, reproduce the conditions, and the customer agrees with the applicable conditions when making a purchase in the online store.

1.4.In addition to the conditions for making a purchase in the online store, the laws of the Republic of Estonia apply.



2.1. Orders can be submitted in the online store by logging in either as a customer registering an account in the system, or as a guest.

2.2. The customer selects the desired goods from the online store and adds a shopping cart.

2.3 The client chooses the method and place of transfer of the order.

2.4.The customer confirms the basket and pays for the goods in the payment environment offered by the seller. Before paying for the goods, the client checks whether the data in the invoice is indeed in accordance with the wishes of the client.

2.5.After payment for the goods the customer must click on the link "Back to the seller".

2.6.After receiving the order and payment, the seller sends an e-mail confirmation of the order made to the client.

2.7.The contract of sale between the seller and the client comes into force from the moment of receipt of the purchase amount fully paid by the client to the settlement account of the Seller.

2.8.Money for goods that cannot be completed, the Seller returns to the customer as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days.



3.1. All prices for products sold in the online store are in euros and include VAT.

3.2. For a customer who has registered a user account in the online store, additional loyalty actions apply.

3.3. The customer pays for the order in the amount of the cost of the goods and the cost of delivery in full. Payment is made outside the online store in a secure environment - when paying via an Internet bank in the safe environment of the respective bank and when paying with a credit card in the safe environment of Maksekeskus AS. The seller does not have access to data on the bank and credit card of the client.

The payment options are:

• Estonian banking links: Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, LHV, Coop Pank, Pocopay

• Pay later solutions: Slice in 3, Lease ID, Finora credit

Visa / Mastercard card payments

NB! When paying with a bank link, be sure to click the "Back to the seller" button on the bank's page.

3.4. Products can be paid by the methods specified in the online store The cost of the order may be increased of the payment for services in accordance with the agreement concluded between the client and the institution that issued the credit or bank card.



4.1. Goods can be ordered online store,, in the parcel terminal SmartPOST in Estonia.

4.2.1. When delivering the goods to the SmartPOST parcel terminal selected by the customer, a delivery fee of 2.99 € will be added to the cost of the goods. In case the cost of the order exceeds the amount of € 59, the delivery charge is not added.

4.2.2. Goods purchased from Monday to Thursday will arrive at the parcel machine on the day after the sale contract enters into force. Goods purchased from Friday to Sunday will arrive at the parcel machine no later than next Tuesday after the sale contract enters into force. Parcels will be delivered to Saaremaa and Hiiumaa postal machines within 3 business days after the sale agreement enters into force.

4.2.3. Upon the arrival of the goods in the parcel terminal, the client will be informed by means of an SMS message containing a unique code for opening the door.

4.2.4. The seller is not liable for damage caused to the customer if, for reasons beyond the seller’s control, the unique code of the postal machine fell into the hands of third parties, on the basis of which they received the goods.

4.2.5. In the event that the customer did not pick up the goods from the parcel machine after the expiration of the storage period, the seller decides that the customer has refused the order, and as soon as possible, within 14 calendar days, returns the purchase price to the customer with a delivery charge on the same account from which payment was made for the goods.

4.5.Check product

4.5.1. Upon receipt of the goods, the client undertakes to carefully open the packaging of the goods without damaging the packaging and the goods. If the client has damaged the packaging due to negligence, that is, the packaging can be opened without damaging it, then in case of return of the goods the seller has the right to demand compensation for the damage. If the product packaging cannot be opened without damage / breakage, the customer is not responsible for damaged packaging.

4.5.2.If upon receipt of the goods, the customer finds that he has sent the wrong or defective goods, or if the goods are not delivered to the customer in good condition and in closed packaging, then this should be immediately reported to the seller’s customer service department at info @

4.5.3. The seller is responsible for the goods purchased by the customer during transportation. After receiving the goods, the risk of damage or loss of goods passes to the client.



5.1. The seller has the right to process the personal data submitted by the client and the data on purchases in accordance with the current legislation, to the extent necessary, above all, to fulfill the order placed by the client in the online store

5.2.The seller processes the personal data of the client for the following purposes:

5.3. Fulfillment of the order placed in the online store,;

5.4. Customer relationship management in the online store, and communication with the customer;

5.5. Reply to customer requests;

5.6. Justified interest;

5.7. Study of consumer habits;

5.8. Compilation of sales statistics;

5.9. Management and development of services online store,

5.10. The seller applies all measures (including administrative, technical and physical) to protect the personal data of the client. Access to editing and processing data is available only to authorized persons.

5.11. When making a purchase in the online store,, the guest's first name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number and postal address of the client are registered as guests, if it is necessary for the delivery of goods to the client.

5.12.Personal data of customers who have made a purchase in the online store, as a guest, as well as information about the purchase are stored for 3 years from the date of purchase. After this period, personal data will be automatically deleted.

5.13.The Client has the right at any time to obtain personal data about himself from each Seller, to demand corrections and transfer of personal data of the client and termination of the processing of personal data. We ask you to submit applications electronically by email In order to secure the processing of personal data, the client’s application must be digitally signed. The seller has the right not to satisfy the client’s application if the client cannot be identified or the transfer of personal data is not secure.

5.14.The seller has the right to carry out a profile analysis of personal data registered in, in order to better understand the customers' expectations and, based on this, offer the best products and services, allowing you to more accurately direct marketing.

5.15.If the client considers that the rights to process the client’s personal data are violated as part of the service of, the client has the right to contact by email at, as well as to the Protection Inspectorate data and in court.



6.1. Online store uses cookies. A cookie is a tiny fragment of a text file that the web browser automatically stores on the client device. Cookies are used to collect information about how a customer uses the e-shop in order to provide the customer with the best possible experience.

6.2.The following cookies are used in the e-shop:

6.2.1. Session cookies intended for use by the e-store;

6.2.2. Strong cookies designed to remember the customer’s choice in the e-shop;

6.2.3. First and / or third-party cookie files designed to show customers suitable advertisements and offers;

6.2.4. Third-party analytical cookies aimed at optimizing marketing communication.

6.3. The client can delete and / or block cookies stored on his own devices by changing his / her own browser settings. If cookies are not used, the online store, may not work properly, and / or some features may not be available to the customer.

6.4.In addition to using analytic cookies, an online store, uses pixels (pixel tags, web-beacons) to monitor usage of an online store, It does not process data that allows to identify the person.



7.1. The client has the right to cancel the contract without giving reasons within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the goods (from the moment of receiving the message about the delivery of the goods to the SmartPOST parcel machine, except for cases of detecting defects of the goods).

7.2.To return the goods, the client must fill out a part of the invoice accompanying the goods on returning the goods or an application for withdrawal from the contract and transfer it together with the goods via the SmartPOST mail machine (using the same door opening code that was used when receiving the parcel), or when using the courier service via the SmartPOST mail machine, using the goods receipt code.

The disclaimer form can be found here: a disclaimer

7.3. Using the right to refuse, the client is obliged to return the goods to the seller within 14 days from the date of the submission of the disclaimer.

7.4.The client can use the right to withdraw from the contract if the goods are not used and not damaged. We recommend that the customer return, ship back, or deliver all return items at the same time. Return costs are borne by the customer. We recommend returning the goods in their original packaging used during transportation.

7.5. Returned goods (including spare parts) must be unused and undamaged. The customer has the right to familiarize himself with the product in the same way as it is usually allowed in the store, and the customer is responsible for reducing the cost of the product when get acquainting it if he used the product differ from the above method. For goods that by their nature cannot be returned (for example, underwear, swimming and sunbathing clothes, stockings, open-pack cosmetics, perfumes, hygiene supplies), the 14-day right of withdrawal does not apply.

7.6.If the client refuses the good, the seller immediately, as soon as possible, no later than within 14 calendar days from the moment when the application for withdrawal was received by him, returns the purchase price to the customer along with the delivery charge. Refunds are made to the same account from which payment was made for the goods.

7.7. In the event that the client deliberately or through negligence damaged the returned goods, the seller has the right to refuse to accept the goods or to demand compensation for the damage.



8.1. The seller is responsible for the non-compliance of the purchased goods within 24 months from the date of transfer of the goods to the customer. When selling goods to the consumer, it is assumed that the non-conformity of the goods to the contractual conditions, which manifested itself within 6 months from the day the goods were transferred to the customer, already existed during the transfer of the thing, if such an assumption does not conflict with the nature of the thing or the discrepancy. The client undertakes to inform the seller about the non-conformity of the goods, that is, to submit a claim, within 2 months after its detection.

8.2.Customer is recommended to submit a complaint by e-mail to the online store, The complaint should include the name and contact details of the client, the date of the complaint, the defect found on the product (and, if possible, the photo of the defect), the content of the claim, and a proof of purchase.

8.3.The seller is not responsible for damage caused by incorrect information provided by the customer when filling out the order or any other consequences, including delay in delivery of the goods, if the delay is due to circumstances that could not be affected by the seller.

8.4. The seller is not responsible for damage caused by the inexpedient use of the ordered goods.

8.5. Disputes arising between the seller and the customer are resolved through negotiations between the parties. If the dispute cannot be resolved by agreement of the parties, the client has the right to apply to the Consumer Protection Board (Rahukohtu 2 Tallinn 10130, tarbijakaitseamet) and the Consumer Disputes Commission (Rahukohtu 2 Tallinn 10130, for out-of-court settlement of a dispute or to the Harju County Court. In addition, the European Union's E-platform for all customers is open to the European Union (Online Dispute Resolution or online dispute resolution), for resolving disputes with e-merchants at




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